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5 simple ways to organize your life with free printable calendars

Almost all of us have a calendar somewhere in our office, on a wall, stuck on a fridge. We may have received this calendar as a gift or picked one up at the office store to help us get organized. Well there is no need to go out and purchase a fancy new calendar when there are easy to use free printable calendars available. These free calendars are quick to find online and really easy to print out. So let’s look at 5 different ways these calendars can help organize your life.

  1. Activity based calendars – print a weekly or monthly calendar and list all of the family activities or events. Since they are free you can create multiple calendars for different activities.
  2. At a glance yearly calendar – I always keep a copy of a 1 year calendar printed out, and posted in my office for a quick reference. It is so much faster than trying to look it up on your computer or flip through a 12 month calendar.
  3. Weekly calendars – a quick single page week view calendar is a great tool for capturing down deadlines or events you need to remember. They can be transferred to electronic diaries as needed. But the single page is easy to carry in your notebook or in a pocket and act as a great reminder for important events and deliverables at work
  4. Countdown calendar – quickly print a free monthly calendar and use it to count down to an important event or day.
  5. Visual reminders – today with so many electronic calendars it is often hard to see how everything fits together. Depending on your time scale nothing beats a printed calendar to provide you with the visual reminder of what you have to do or what type of availability you have.
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